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        1.Powerful/Professional Focus/Rigorous and Efficient/Pragmatic and Innovative
        Guangzhou FuChen Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd is a comprehensive printing enterprise,which have new German KBA Rapida 105 six- color UV printing machine and all kinds of related equipment.It is contains packing planning/ creative design/ professional production/ marketing service.Over the years,the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "Strict and Efficient,Pragmatic and Innovative",set up a high-standard product quality system,and won worldwide customers.
        Praise with more competitive price and better service system.

        2.Global Marketing/Customer Favor/ Product application/Wide Range 
        Company products not only supply in the domestic market,but also exported to Europe and the United States/Japan/Hong Kong/Taiwan/southeast Asia /South American /Middle East/Russia and other countries and regions.There are more than 50 partners and clients(including Wal-Mart/Coca Cola/LG/Michelin/Nissan Motor/Hong Kong YongFa group/Red bull group,etc).

        Main products including:3D Pictures/3D Cards/3D Calendar/3D Crafts/3D Lamp Box /3D Stationery/3D Stereo packaging/Transparent Plastic Packaging(PVC/PET/PP material),Products are widely used in Major industry;
        1)Decoration:Decoration/Craft and Landscape Picture
        2)Advertising:Advertising/Lamp Box/Poster/Album
        4)Toy Industry:Product Adornment/Label/Packaging
        5)Card Production:Namecard/Certificate Card/Phone Card/Children Dictionary
        6)Printing:Various Stereo Prints
        7)Packaging: all kinds of Tobacco/Wine/Food/Cosmetics
        8)Craft:Craft Picture/Decoration/Stationery
        9)Commodity:Pencil Vase/Paper Tube /Stereo Stationery          
        10)Fashion Industry:Hand Tag/Card/Package/Decoration

        3.Excellent Quality/Cast Brands/Field Management/Keep improving
        Products quality is the root of sustainable development of the enterprise,in order to ensure good product.Apart from professional design teams of the top industries,also to achieve excellence from raw materials procurement/production process field management,and show originality,the superiority quality of products Which reflect on: 
        1)Products represent things hidden deeply in the painting,or elegant outside of it,picturesqueness,distinct gradations,bright in colour.Has a strong visual impact,let people to watch a long time,and leave a deep impression.
        2)Products prominent the focus of objects are round and thick,strong stereoscopic effect,graphically,much-too-apparent sense,immersive feeling,and highly appreciation value.
        3)Using directly printing,which overcome fuzzy/light waves/dizzy/double image from a professional standpoint.
        4)For the products which need to be shape,the appearance of process strive to precise,beautiful and decent.

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